Rock Stars Come To Canada

Metallica is headed for Canada this year. This is one tour that fans of heavy metal will not want to miss. The band is considered by many to be amongst the very greatest of their genre. They are masters at what they do.

The band formed in 1981 and have wowed stadium and concertgoers for decades. They are most well known for the song One which has a haunting music video. In it, a young soldier is left paralysed in a hospital bed and unable to communicate with the outside world.

Ozzy Osbourne is also set to appear live in Canada in 2018. He is another legend of heavy metal. He is perhaps most famous for the single Paranoid which he provided vocals for while in his original band Black Sabbath. The song tells the tale of a man who is struggling with his mental health and warns the listener to enjoy their lives.

Osbourne soon after went solo and scored a big hit with the track Bark At The Moon. The song is heavily inspired by old werewolf movies. Since then the singer has often been influenced by the horror movie genre.

In 1986 he released the song Shot In The Dark. It remains one his most beloved tracks from his entire career. However, the single tends not to appear in his greatest hits compilations due to controversy over writing credits. Regardless, Shot In The Dark has grown in popularity to become a fan favourite.

Osbourne is also well known publicly for appearing in a reality TV show about his life. The programme followed him and his family. It helped to make celebrities of his children Jack and Kelly. In particular it helped to make his then wife Sharon a star. She is now just as famous as her rock star husband.