Eminem has established himself as one of the greatest rappers of all time. In 2000 he took the charts by storm with his single The Real Slim Shady. After this he had string of hits throughout the years. Now he has risen to the top of the Canadian CD album charts again with Revival.

The rap artist is not known to shy away from controversy. He released the violent and dark track Stan in 2000. The song is sung from the point of view of an obsessive fan. Female singer Dido provided vocals for the chorus of the track.

Perhaps the singer’s most beloved song is Lose Yourself. This was for his hit feature film 8 Mile which Eminem also starred in. It won the Academy Award for Best Song in 2003 as well as two Grammy awards. The film also received high acclaim from both music critics and fans in general.

Over the years Eminem has proved that he deserves to be known as one of the greatest rap artists out there. He has once again gotten back into the Canadian music charts with his most recent album. Revival is, as the title suggests a return to form for the singer. It has seen a dramatic increase in sales since it was first released in December 2017.

It features collaborations with some of music’s most well known artists. This includes the best selling male artist Ed Sheeran and R&B queen Beyonce. Unlike most of his earlier work the album uses an extensive amount of rock sampling.

The album has achieved critical acclaim with several publications impressed by his lyrics. It has come to be considered one of the best albums to come from Eminem in recent years. This could be the sign that the rapper has plenty more great material left in him.