Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson Coming to Canada

Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson have proven themselves to be one of the biggest duos of shock rock when touring together. Now they have their eyes set on Ontario in what is sure to be a fantastic gig. They both are heavily inspired by veteran rocker Alice Cooper. This means they often bring horror influenced theatre elements to their shows.

Marilyn Manson broke new ground for how transgression a musical artist can be. The controversial singer has always sought to shock audiences around the world. His “do what you feel attitude” has given rise to a massive fan base. His vocal style includes a combination of both growling and crooning.

Rob Zombie has been on the heavy metal scene for a number of years. His debut album, Hellbilly Deluxe in 1998 remains one of his most popular records. It contains the hit tracks Dragula and Living Dead Girl. These tracks have become part of popular culture and continue to be heard in different forms of media such as horror films and video games.

Rob Zombie himself has directed a number of horror movies which in turn have featured some of his music. He remade the John Carpenter classic Halloween in 2007. When performing his live shows in Canada fans will likely get to see imagery from some of these films. This will include his recent third instalment of the Firefly Family trilogy, 3 From Hell.

Not only that, fans in Canada will also get to see both of these shock rockers on stage at the same time. This will be a real treat for metal heads and horror movie fans in general. The gigs will contain theatrics, imaginative set designs and interesting iconography. Those who go to these shows will also get to hear some of the greatest hits from both iconic artists.