Not all Canadian bands take themselves seriously. There are some that are more comically minded and lighthearted. Here we look at two bands that are not only adored by fans but also thought of in a more humorous light. This is because their songs are somewhat silly due to the fact that they have become a true life Spinal Tap.


In 1978, Anvil was formed and went on to become one of Canada’s most well recognized heavy metal bands. They have released 16 studio albums in their years together, and they have been a major influence on a number of even more successful metal artists. Other bands that have recognized Anvil as an influence include Metallica, Slayer, and Megadeth.

The band received further recognition with the release of a documentary about their life on the road. Anvil! The Story of Anvil helped to reinvigorate the band’s popularity. It was directed by a former roadie for the band during their years of waning success. The story soon became a critical hit and contributed to the band going back on the road to perform.

Men Without Hats

This band was a huge hit with the novelty song, Safety Dance. The synth wave anthem grew in popular upon it’s release in 1983, surprising many people. The lighthearted music video was shot in Wiltshire and features an abundance of English folk imagery. This song proved to be a one-hit-wonder that went on to rock the world of many fans; it sold massively. Men Without Hats have never been able to reach the same commercial heights with their newer material. Despite this, the band continues to perform live all over the world. They were on a long hiatus in the 1990’s and the decade after. They did reform in 2011 and have achieved success on the live circuit.