It is not just new releases that are in the CD charts. There are some albums that continue to have strong sales even years after their first release. This can be seen in the Canadian CD charts. Appetite For Destruction by Guns N’ Roses has consistently remained in the top 20. It was released over 30 years ago yet continues to receive a regular sales figure each year. This is because the work has become one of the most celebrated in all of rock and roll.

The album features some of the band’s best tracks. This includes Welcome to the Jungle which has been labelled one of the greatest songs of the decade. It has been featured in a range of popular media including in the best selling video game series Grand Theft Auto.

Sweet Child O’ Mine is also on the album. Total Guitar magazine voted it as having the best guitar riff of all time. Acclaimed Music also branded the track the best of that year. Because the songs on Appetite For Destruction are still recognised the album continues to be bought on CD by new listeners. This is the main reason for why it has remained in the charts for so many years.

Guns N’ Roses are not the only band to achieve this. Greatest Hits by Foo Fighters is another album that continues to stay in the Canadian CD charts years after the initial release. The reason for this might lie in the title of the album itself. It contains the songs that are considered the very best released by the band. After attaining much greater recognition worldwide through their extensive world tours Guns N’ Roses continue to attract new fans. It seems only natural that these fans would choose to buy a best of compilation album.