New Bowie Track

David Bowie is an icon of music who is considered one of the greatest singer-songwriters of all time. He wowed the world with his single A Space Oddity in 1969. Since then he has produced a string of hits which have included Let’s Dance, Life On Mars and a duet with Freddy Mercury titled Under Pressure.

Listeners around the world were heartbroken to hear of the artist’s sudden death from cancer in 2016. Just before his passing he had released his final album, Blackstar. The record is meant as a “parting gift” to fans of Bowie who have listened to him for many years.

David Bowie did not keep an extensive archive to be released posthumously like Prince did. Most of his work has already been released. However, there has recently been an unearthing of his very first demo.

I Never Dreamed by David Bowie was sung by the artist when he was just 16. He sent it to music producers but was turned down. During this time Bowie was more interested in playing the saxophone than providing lead vocals. Regardless, he sang the track with his very first band in a small flat during the year of 1963.

At this time Bowie was with the band The Konrads. At the time of the recording Bowie was going by his original name David Jones. He soon changed it in order to avoid being confused with a member of the Monkees.

The demo was thought to be lost. However it has recently been found. This raises the question of whether it may be released worldwide including in the Canadian market. If so this would be the first piece of original David Bowie material to be released after the singers death. It may even prove to be the only piece of such material.