All Killer No Filler: 17 Years On

It has been nearly two decades since a small skate punk band from Canada took the world by storm. Canadian rockers, Sum 41, impressed audiences with their energetic riffs and fun sense of humor. All Killer No Filler was the album that started it all.

Since then, the band has released five more albums, and it has gone through a number of lineup changes. They continue to tour and often their set list will include songs from All Killer No Filler. This is not surprising. Despite this being their earliest work, it also contains some of their very greatest hits.

Fat Lip in particular stands as one of the most enduring tracks from this album. The single is to date one of the band’s most successful. The up tempo track is a protest song against conformity and society in general. The central message is to be yourself and not waste your time by being someone that the society expects you to be. The music video continues to be played on rock TV channels. The original version also contains a short video, For Pain For Pleasure, the only heavy metal song found in All Killer No Filler.

The album also contains In Too Deep, its other very successful track. It is well known for the music video where the band competes in a pool diving competition. Like Fat Lip, this music video is also in circulation on TV channels even a decade after it’s initial release. In Too Deep remains one of the band’s most well loved songs of the band’s entire career.

Seventeen years since its release, All Killer No Filler is as popular as ever. It has received further retrospective positive criticism from music publications, and it is likely the album that Sum 41 will be most remembered for.